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We provide one of the most trusted, reliable and durable epoxy flooring service in the China Grove area. Serving the China Grove community has become such a fulfilling experience for our team knowing that we contribute to building and fortifying a new generation of homeowners and business operators. Each member of our professional team finds great joy in being able to impact this present generation by doing what we do best with diligence.



When you are thinking of undertaking a major renovation or construction either in your home or business such as a flooring system, always go for the most trusted – the ones with years of experience, top skills, and knowledge when it comes to making long-lasting floors. In so doing, you save yourself a lot of resources – time, money and people.

Hiring professional such as San Antonio Epoxy pros to do your flooring needs guarantees the following:

  1. Your property and the people working on it are insured during the duration of the project.
  2. Professionals are required to comply with safety standards.
  3. Professionals are compelled to uphold quality standards.
  4. Quality and durable materials are sure to be used.
  5. Your interests will always be a top priority.

As a professional company, we use only the most trusted materials that can be easily outsourced from our extensive network of trustworthy and legitimate suppliers. San Antonio Epoxy Pros partners with licensed and legally operating suppliers to ensure the quality of materials we use.


Best Flooring Technicians

We choose businesses whose company values are closely aligned with that of our own. We do this so that we can establish close ties and lasting networks. The materials we use for polished concrete in China Grove are guaranteed reliable and very strong.

You may have the initial impression that we are an expensive company just because of the label “professional.” Our services are moderately priced to suit the paying capacity of China Grove residents and business operators while at the same time considering the cost of materials and labor. Getting professional flooring technicians gives you:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Confidence
  3. Assurance that you are in good hands

Hire a Professional Flooring Company

Getting feedback from our clients is of the utmost importance to our team – whether good or not so good. This is our way of allowing our flooring technicians to grow in maturity with the way we handle what our clients think about our work. Over the years, we have come to understand that receiving feedback is one sure way to continue being the best.

We also understand that being the best entails a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Moreover, this is precisely what we intend to do – be the best among the many operators within the industry. We are not saying this to have a good selling point. We are sharing this because this is our way of life.

Entrust your epoxy flooring in China Grove needs into our capable hands, and we will make sure to make it happen for you. All you need to do is to tell us what kind of flooring aesthetics you imagine, and we do our very best to see it through.



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