Just like any type of epoxy flooring, metallic epoxy floors need a lot of preparation, the right tools, and experience on how to install them so that it won’t get easily damaged.


First, the substrate will be prepared, making sure that the surface is flat. Concrete is the most ideal to have for proper installation. During the process, primer should be applied so that the coating and the floor will stick. Coating and another layer of top coating will also be applied to prevent scratches on the surface.

Top Rated Metallic Epoxy Floors

Just like any other epoxy flooring, you will only need to do a few maintenance checking once in a while. After all, metallic epoxy floors do not need a lot of maintenance because of their resistance to wear and other damages. From dusting to wiping with soft cloth, it will only take a few routine steps to keep it smooth and durable.

Why Get Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy flooring, in general, is a cut above the rest when it comes to the type of floors because of its durability. The material itself is made to last a lot longer than most and the resistance feature of it makes it all the more difficult to get damaged. As long as the floor is properly maintained, there’s no need to get it repaired or replaced over and over again.



Epoxy flooring may be durable and resistant to wear, but that doesn’t it is invulnerable and immune to damages. The following are some issues that homeowners face with their metallic epoxy floors and simple steps on how to fix them.


Although bubbles are small, they can still be a nuisance and unpleasant to look at, especially when they are spread throughout the floor. To prevent air from being trapped and causing these bubbles, primer should be applied during the installation process. But to fix it, sandpaper or a rotary scrubber would get the job done.


Because they are usually of high-gloss finish, the surface of the floor can easily get scratched. As a preventive measure, coating and another layer of topcoating should do the trick. But if the surface does get scratched, the floor needs to be rewaxed.

From air bubbles to surface scratches, it will require a lot of effort to fix these problems. However, as long as the right steps are followed and the appropriate tools are used, the floor will be fixed in no time.


Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation

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