When it comes to reliable, sturdy and well-done epoxy flooring, San Antonio Epoxy Pros is the leading service providers in the Olmos Park area. Our services are guaranteed to result in 100% customer satisfaction as excellence is one of our benchmark qualities. We are flooring contractors you can trust and rely on.


Olmos Park Flooring Technicians

Our unit is made up of qualified, highly skilled and committed flooring technicians who have had rigorous training over the years. As a professional flooring company, we also make it a point to let each member of our team go through comprehensive training to equip them with the most current safety and quality standards being followed in the industry. In doing so, we can guarantee that the results we offer are on par with the expectations of each client.

Our team is also best known for providing quality polished concrete in Olmos Park. Making our clients happy with the quality of our work has put our business at the top. We have every intention to continually look for ways to better our services and bring the quality of our job to the next level.

There is nothing more important to our team than keeping clients happy and wanting more. We succeeded this by remaining true to our company vision and mission. Embracing the values that our company stands for has also given our flooring technicians a great motivation knowing that we serve a higher purpose in the Olmos Park community.


We uphold integrity, transparency, hard work, and honesty as a company. Each of these values is embedded in the way our flooring technicians work and relate with our clients. It is important to us that when people think of our company, they can extend respect. It is for this reason why we make extra efforts to keep a good name in this very competitive industry.


You can trust that our rates are:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Designed to fit your budget
  • Commensurate to the quality of our work
  • Very competitive

Whether the flooring service required is for residential or commercial purposes, we always consider what would give our clients the best value. Our priority is to satisfy a need and establish a lasting professional relationship with our clients at the same time. When people think of San Antonio Epoxy Pros, we want them to remember “value for money.”



Here are several of the most significant merits you can enjoy from epoxy flooring:

  1. It makes the concrete floor very durable.
  2. It protects the floor from grease, stains, and moisture.
  3. It helps prevent cracks.
  4. It improves the look of the finished concrete aesthetically.
  5. It can improve the lighting in a room.

This type of flooring is also very well known when it comes to cost efficiency. You are not only getting the look you want to achieve; you are also enjoying significant savings on materials.


Trusted Epoxy Flooring in Olmos Park

Leave your flooring needs to are able hands. There is nothing that we desire more than to be part of a significant milestone in your family or business.

When it comes to epoxy flooring in Olmos Park trust only the best and the most trusted, working with the best means of getting the job done fast and investing in service, the product of which will last for an extended period.



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