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Get the dream flooring system you have always been dreaming about and avail of our sturdy and well-done epoxy flooring. The Terrell Hills community trusts only San Antonio Epoxy Pros when it comes to flooring systems whether residential or commercial. When it comes to reliability, our results are always commended by clients.


Types of Polished Concrete

While our team works using the most advanced and useful tools in the market today to uphold excellence, we are also trained to work with the simplest means. This means that, if something should go wrong in the future, we know how to address the matter right away. For our team, efficiency is a way of life.



There are options available in the market that you can choose from to achieve the look that you want. It is merely vital that you communicate the feel, design, and atmosphere that you want to accomplish so we can better explain to you each of these types. We are also trained to come up with potential designs that might interest you or your associates.

1. Salt and pepper polish.

This particular flooring effect allows you to detect cracks and small holes once finished. This is frequently considered to be one of the most practical choices.

2. Aggregate polish.

While this particular option has one of the most exquisite results when done, it can get quite costly along the way. If money is not an issue with you, however, we also recommend this type of polish finish because of its clean and bright appearance.

3. Cream polish.

This particular type of polished concrete has the most attractive, consistent sheen and smooth compared to the others.


The character is significant for San Antonio Epoxy Pros. We believe that we can be the wealthiest flooring company in Terrell Hills, but if we don’t have the humility to work on our character continuously, we will still be reduced to nothing in the end.


Our top priority as a professional flooring company is to listen to what you want to happen and translate it to actual flooring systems. We also make recommendations concerning design and execution to get your idea of working. We are also equipped with a rich variety of sample materials you can evaluate and choose from.

Epoxy Flooring

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